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The Perfect Circle is a company which follows the trends and puts trends together.

For The Perfect Circle it’s not about to invent something new, but rather to create synergies. The Perfect Circle provides online marketers , publishers and Affiliates the opportunity to act without any risk as a worldwide functioning agency and to build a global network of Subaffiliater. The Perfect Circle equips our partners with all the professional tools that are necessary to operate successfully in this industry. From personalized home pages, tracking software , advertising materials , and product portfolio to an exciting compensation plan that makes it possible that all sales of Sub affiliates are settled as your own sales.

On an individual level it is hard to establish yourself in the market and the associated progress. TPC creates communities and therefore new trends.


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Our offer

Be a part of the worldwide fastest growing online marketplace. www.planetshopping.center
Open your own shop or go for a Multi-Shop license and enjoy all the advantages from the Perfect Circle.

Product Portfolio

Use the power and the magic from the world famous brands. The Perfect circle offers you a Product portfolio with the world’s most successful brands.
This means, you can start form the beginning with trendy products and offer the people worldwide what they like and what they need.

Your own product

You are a entrepreneur or a creative person?
You have your own cool products? And you think the whole world should know about it, but you do not know how?
Use www.planetshopping.center and offer your own cool products side by side with famous brands worldwide and with one click.

Sales commission

Get Top Sales commission for your online shop. Does not matter if the people buy from The Perfect Circle Product Portfolio or your own product.
Just get paid for it.

Sub commission

www.planetshopping.center is one of the largest shopping communities worldwide. If people are visiting your shop and than continue with shopping in another store with products which you may not offer.
Do not worry! You will still get paid for it.

Tracking Software

Including in the Shop license is a multilingual Tracking Software. You can promote products and your own shop in different languages worldwide easily and can check out your success in lifetime.

The Perfect Circle Offers

Features Shop License Multi-Shop License
Basics to start a new business Everything you need for a growing
business including Circle Bonus
Yearly Price $70/- $399/-
Product Portfolio  Yes  Yes
Your own Product  Yes  Yes
Sale commission  Yes  Yes
Sub commission  Yes  Yes
Tracking Software  Yes  Yes
Compensation Plan  Yes  Yes
Weekly Payouts  Yes  Yes
Team Matching Bonus  Yes  Yes
Affiliate Online Training  Yes  Yes
Personalized Homepage  Yes  Yes
Social Quiz Page  Yes  Yes
Professional Reports  Yes  Yes
Blog  Yes  Yes
Unlimited number of Products  Yes  Yes
Special Manager Education Program  No  Yes
Career  No  Yes
Circle Bonus from all Shops  No  Yes
Quarter Payout from Circle Bonus  No  Yes
Circle Statistics  No  Yes

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